Montana 4x4 Association regrets to announce that Divide Ride 2012 in Whitehall, MT has been cancelled due to extreme fire danger.

From the DR12 Chairman: "I am very sorry to announce that we have been forced to cancel the 2012 Montana Divide Ride due to the extreme fire danger in the area we planned to operate. Montana currently has the largest number of large wildfires in the United States and the forecast shows no sign of getting better in time for our event. There is already a major fire in the immediate area which affects 4 of our planned trails. While there has been a great deal of effort put into this years event, this is a safety issue. The safety of our participants, members and the general public which could be affected by an errant fire are paramount. It's simple, the dangers are just to great at this time.

Please check back later for announcements on 2013 Divide Ride, and please pray for rain!